Artists D.A. Hartley And Christian Gilbert Explore The Essence Of Light Within Self And Nature.

For WATER, FLOWERS, AND INNER LIGHT!, the artists create a visually tactile experience for the viewer. This collaborative nature series, explores the radiant light of flowers, water, and the inner light of the spirit, as exemplified by their Buddha series.

Artists Denise Hartley and Christian Gilbert
April 2, 2010 – May 1, 2010
Time: Reception, 6 – 9 PM, April 2, 2010
Ja Nene, 950 Chorro Street, San Luis Obispo, CA
ART AFTER DARK, http://www.sloartscouncil.org/

    The artists have captured the essence of light found within our inner and outer nature. Upon entering, the viewer will experience the sights and sounds of water in motion, with the combination of video, and the intricate, photorealism waterscapes, by California and Hawaii artist, Denise Hartley. Her current works include video, oil on canvas, and mixed media on canvas or wood. Her paintings are created from real physical spaces that exist in nature.

She transforms elements from her surroundings, images created from a variety of graphic/photographic/video media, to recreate the reality of time/place. Experiencing the sounds of life in the crash of waves, the roar of a white water river, and the sounds of a brook working its way downward in the cycle of movement back to the ocean, the experience of water is always changing. These intricate waterscapes mirror the existing environment, transitory in nature.  Her floral paintings reflect her interest in the healing aspect of nature.

The bright colors of her representational florals reflect the joy of the constant barrage of colors from her Hawaiian home. With a degree in Philosophy, studying Eastern and Asian Religion; Buddhist, Taoist and Hindu art are intertwined in her spiritually emphatic works. D.A. Hartley has a MA in Fine Art, New Media.

Photographer Christian Gilbert’s series of glowing photographs, are experimental nightscapes, portraiture, landscapes and flowers including the use of time-lapse photography. He is an emerging artist, working in photography and video. His photographs are noted for their exploratory use of natural and artificial light.

He does not digitally alter his work, but creates the effects by controlling the light of each scene. His interest is in capturing subtle light in nature. Also, by adding light to change the environment to reveal what is normally unseen, creating otherworldly, and mystical works. Christian Gilbert attended the Academy of Art, San Francisco.
You are invited to participate in this insightful and innovative format, in the reflection upon nature.

Event: Art After Dark San Luis Obispo
Event Location: Ja Nene Natural Body Products
950 Chorro Street (across from the Old Mission)
San Luis Obispo, CA, 93401
Contact: Janene Lasswell, (808) 546-0900
http://anointyourself.com/                                               For Immediate Release

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