Exhibition, Water!

Masters Exhibition at Conley Gallery, Fresno, CA, 2008.
 One Woman Show, Denise Hartley
Friend Nature Blog - D.A. Hartley
Photos by Randy Vaughn-Datta.
Gallery Entrance
Lake Kaweah,
Video of stills, the rise and fall. Large format video.

Meditation Room, video: Douglas Creek,
Sculpture: Reflection Pool

Meditation RoomReflection Pool
painting: Aspen Fall,
2006, 6' x 8', diptych, mixed media on wood.
Aspen Fall,
2006, 6' x 8', diptych, mixed media on wood.
Private Collection
Reflection Pool,
 2008, 8' x 8', wood,water, and rocks.
Koi2006, oil, gold leaf on wood,
diptych (six panel) 70" x 68".
Courtesy of the artist

Cypress and Basalt2005, 
mixed media on wood, 6' x 4'.
Private Collection
Mountains, Clouds and Streams,
2005, mixed media on wood, triptych, 4' x 6'.
Courtesy of the artist
Silent Passage2004, 
oil on gessoed wood, 4' x 6'.
Private Collection


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